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The Next Céline Dion Wows The judges With Her Amazing Voice - Agt 2017 Auditions

2017-06-17 1,080 39 160,379 YouTube

A nine-year-old girl stunned America's Got Talent's judges on Tuesday night with her stunning rendition of My Heart Will Go On—and it seems she was born to sing this very song. Celine Tam, from Hong Kong, stepped onstage while her parents, who are both massive Celine Dion fans, watched from the backstage area. While chatting with the judges, little Celine revealed her mom and dad love the Canadian singer so much, they named her baby sister—who was also present in her father's arms—Dionne. 'This is my dream, being in America's Got Talent,' the little girl told the judges. She then explained she is also enjoys listening to Celine Dion's tunes and wants to have a career like hers. The Celine Dion connection played a huge part in the girl's life, as it led her father to realize just how talented his daughter is. They were in the car, she recounted, when suddenly she started singing My Heart Will Go On, leaving her father stunned. When time came to wow the judges, Celine picked the same song, revealing an impressively powerful voice. With remarkable aplomb, the girl delivered the first line of the 1997 Titanic hit, then moved on directly to its most dramatic part: that one chorus where Celine hits the highest note.